Apprentice Kasandra

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Apprentice Kasandra was a new recruit of the White Mantle who was part of the team centered around the Maguuma Jungle bloodstone. She was hired for the research team over the Bloodstone but initially delegated to menial tasks. After researching on her own and proving that another researcher's work was in fact her own, she became one of the scholars to research the Bloodstone under Grand Savant Valis the Learned. She had noticed cracks in the Bloodstone that were spreading over the course of a year and predicted its eventual explosion. However, after presenting this to Justiciar Bauer, the head of the project, Bauer beheaded her atop of the Bloodstone, damning her soul.


  • Kassandra (more often Cassandra) is the name of the Princess of Troy gifted with a cursed form of precognition. While she was able to predict the future, she was incapable of making people believe her until it was too late.
  • Shares name with a White Mantle boss from Guild Wars: Justiciar Kasandra.

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