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Alpha Roar

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Alpha Roar

Common Common
Special action
Game link
3 Recharge time  
Alpha Roar

Your mount sends out an alpha roar commanding younger pets to follow you.
Doesn't work if they are being attacked.

Range.png Range: 300

— In-game description

Alpha Roar is a special action skill that can be used by mounted players during the event Use your mount's Alpha Roar to coax escaped young pets to follow you back to the pen in the Desert Highlands.

Using this skill while any Escaped Pups within 300 units range and not in combat applies the effect The Alpha.png The Alpha to the player and The Alpha.png Alpha Follower to up to three Escaped Pups, both lasting for 60 seconds. While these effects are active, the Escaped Pups turn into Obedient Pups and can be led back into Pup Trainer Grekmut's pen.


  • Using this skill while already having three stacks of The Alpha displays the message "Too Many Pets. You have too many pets following you. Return them to their pen to collect more." in the center of the screen.