Strength in Numbers

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Trait IV.png

Strength in Numbers

Trait line
Guardian tango icon 20px.png Valor
10 Silver coin + 2 Skill point.png
Unlock requirement
Defeat Victurus the Shattered and his army.

Nearby allies gain toughness based on your effective level.

Trait IV.png Strength in Numbers: (6 s) Nearby allies gain up to 150 toughness based on your effective level.
Radius.png Interval: 3 s
Radius.png Radius: 600
Miscellaneous effect.png Combat only

— In-game description


  • Affects you as well.
  • This trait does not stack. Allies near multiple Guardians with this trait will only receive its effect once.
  • This trait is only active while in combat. You will see a trait icon appearing in combat, stating "Strength In Numbers" in its effect.

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