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Mini-dungeons or minidungeons are dungeon-like areas in persistent areas. There are typically two types of mini-dungeons, the first involve puzzles of various kinds and can either be accessible all the time or while a certain events are completed and the second are shorter areas which are filled with enemies that you must fight through. Many of these mini-dungeons, although not all, offer an Explorer achievement at the end.


[edit] Jumping puzzle

See also: Jumping puzzle

Jumping puzzles are mini-dungeons with platforming elements, which are usually hidden and offer a Jumping Puzzle achievement at the end. Mini-dungeons with platforming elements but no corresponding achievement are generally not referred to as jumping puzzles.

[edit] Fractals of the Mists

Fractals of the Mists is a dungeon that contains nine mini-dungeons called fractals. They are unique in that they are mini-dungeons contained within a dungeon. Each fractal has its own features and setting.

[edit] List of mini-dungeons

[edit] Ascalon

[edit] Kryta

[edit] Maguuma Jungle

[edit] Ruins of Orr

[edit] Shiverpeak Mountains

  1. These mini-dungeons do not have achievements.
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