Magellan's Memento

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Magellan's Memento

Arundon Vale

Magellan's Memento Chest.jpg
Magellan's Memento

Magellan's Memento is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon that is located in Arundon Vale in Frostgorge Sound that starts between Safewatch Vale and Offering Stone at the opening of the mouth of a cave.


Proceed from Arundon Waypoint to Safewatch Vale and then further east in the direction of Offering Stone. The cave entrance is in the mountainside midway between the two points of interest.

Make your way through the cave avoiding traps and multiple veteran Grawl. Along the way you will see notes written by Francis Magellan about a treasure at the end of this cave.

The achievement is earned upon getting to the chest of riches that doomed Francis Magellan. There will be many oozes at the end of the cave, with a few veteran oozes. The Grand Chest is guarded by a Champion Giant Blue Ooze, which can be avoided if you are careful.

If you have a Springer mount, you can skip the minidungeon entirely by jumping up to the chest from the southwest of Safewatch Vale.