Ancient Treasure

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Glorious Chest.jpg

The Ancient Treasure is a chest that spawns upon the defeat of the Megadestroyer as part of the Kill the megadestroyer before it blows everyone up dynamic event and the final reward for The Battle for Mount Maelstrom meta event.

Every player that has successfully contributed to the event can open it. To do so, enough damage must be dealt to the boss. The chest will not appear at all if the player did not contribute sufficiently to the event or if the character already opened the chest since the last daily reset.



  • Copper coin coin
  • 6 random pieces of equipment
  • A tier 5 or 6 gemstone


Unlike other chests, the Ancient Treasure chest only appears for 2 minutes before disappearing. Players affected with high latency issues may not be able to loot the chest in time.