Zhed's armor

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Zhed's armor

Seer armor human female front.jpg

Armor class
Light armor

Zhed's armor is one of the named armor sets, named after the character Zhed Shadowhoof who was a hero in Guild Wars Nightfall. All armor pieces come with a Superior Rune of the Centaur and share skins with the exotic version of Seer armor, and the other light named armor sets.

Attribute bonuses[edit]

Zhed's armor uses the Berserker prefix.

Individual attribute bonuses
Name Slot Defense Power.png Power Ferocity.png Ferocity Precision.png Precision
Seer Mask.pngZhed's Mask Head 73 +60 +43 +43
Seer Mantle.pngZhed's Mantle Shoulders 73 +45 +32 +32
Seer Coat.pngZhed's Coat Chest 314 +134 +96 +96
Seer Gloves.pngZhed's Gloves Hands 133 +45 +32 +32
Seer Pants.pngZhed's Leggings Legs 194 +90 +64 +64
Seer Boots.pngZhed's Boots Feet 133 +45 +32 +32
Cumulative attribute bonuses
Defense Power.png Power Ferocity.png Ferocity Precision.png Precision
920 +419 +299 +299


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