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Flag of Europe.svg This user plays for the territory of Europe.
Male.png This user is Male.
PvE This user plays PvE.
LTF This user is guild leader
Mini Eir Stegalkin.png This user is a norn.
Male.png This Character is Male.

Warrior This user is a Warrior.
User Demonthorn Gwlogo.jpg This user played the original Guild Wars.
Calculator 50.jpg This user has achieved 50/50 in the GW2 reward calculator! Hail this Champion of the Gods!
GW2Logo new.png This user pre-purchased the game.
HoT Texture Centered Trans.png This user pre-purchased the Heart of Thorns expansion.
PoF logo small.png This user pre-purchased the Path of Fire expansion.
Earthshaker.png Earthshaker is this user's favorite skill.
Firefox.png This user's user page is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox.
Vista-icon.png This user is a Windows gamer.
Mini Tsuru Whitewing.png This user wants tengu as a playable race.