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I will most likely not be creating same style characters with same names from GW1. Truth be known, the characters that I play most often with are the ones that I don't actually like their names :).

Names that I will, more than likely, port over are:

  • Sinful Conjurer - my rituralist (my second fav char. I think that this may become the name of my necro)
  • Hexal Cipher - my mesmer (mainly a pvp character, though I lag slightly so wasn't all the good at rupting)
  • Avid Protector - my monk (I disliked monking. I refused to be a healing monk, prot all the way)
  • Angelic Villain - my paragon (I like this name for perhaps a protector soldier, we shall see)
  • Dark Contagion - my assasin (I still dislike melee characters, so might become a caster/ranged)

Names that will not be taking the trip:

  • Dark Goddess Death - my necromancer (my fav character, I utterly hate the name but won't pay just to change it)
  • Dark Lord Fool - my elementalist (my first char, don't know where these names came from)
  • Venom is Death - my ranger (created the character with the intention of poisoning, it works)
  • Pain is Given - my dervish (I anticipated doing much damage, then got bored with her)

Beings that I am tending to create

  • Sylvani Necromancer
  • Charr Ranger