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Core Set Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Loot Series 1 Apprentice Rawhide Chainmail
Loot Series 2 Country Studded Worn Chain
Loot Series 3 Magician Swindler Worn Scale
Loot Series 4 Cabalist Privateer Reinforced Scale
Loot Series 5 Conjurer Marauder,
Loot Series 6 Seer Sneakthief Scallywag
Crafted Series 1 Embroidered Seeker Chain
Crafted Series 2 Student Outlaw Scale
Crafted Series 3 Acolyte Leather Splint
Crafted Series 4 Winged Rascal Tempered Scale
Crafted Series 5 Feathered Prowler Barbaric
Crafted Series 6 Masquerade Noble Gladiator
Crafted Series 7 Exalted Emblazoned Draconic
Crafted Series 8 Light Illustrious Medium Illustrious Heavy Illustrious
Crafted Series 9 Lunatic Acolyte Lunatic Noble Lunatic Templar
Karma Series 1 Devout Rogue Militia
Karma Series 2 Dry Bones Duelist Pit Fighter
Karma Series 3 Stately Stalker Studded Plate
Karma Series 4 Primitive Buccaneer Dark Templar
Karma Series 5 Aurora Rubicon Armageddon
Dungeon Series 1 Ascalonian Performer Ascalonian Sentry Ascalonian Protector
Dungeon Series 2 Council Ministry Council Watch Council Guard
Dungeon Series 3 Light Nightmare Court Medium Nightmare Court Heavy Nightmare Court
Dungeon Series 4 Light Forgeman Medium Forgeman Heavy Forgeman
Dungeon Series 5 Light Flame Legion Medium Flame Legion Heavy Flame Legion
Dungeon Series 6 Light Armor of Koda Medium Armor of Koda Heavy Armor of Koda
Dungeon Series 7 Light Inquest Medium Inquest Heavy Inquest
Dungeon Series 8 Armor of the Lich Accursed Grasping Dead
Asura Cultural Series 1 Adept Protean Galvanic
Asura Cultural Series 2 Genius Auxiliary Powered Electroplated
Asura Cultural Series 3 Savant Prototype Electromagnetic
Charr Cultural Series 1 Invoker's Drover Warband
Charr Cultural Series 2 Archon Wrangler Legion
Charr Cultural Series 3 Magus Trapper Dreadnought
Human Cultural Series 1 Researcher's Scout's Commander's
Human Cultural Series 2 Aristocrat's Falconer's Avenger's
Human Cultural Series 3 Sorcerer's Assassin's Protector's
Norn Cultural Series 1 Sheepskin Wolfborn Dolyak
Norn Cultural Series 2 Havroun Predatory Eagle
Norn Cultural Series 3 Lupine Wolf Stag
Sylvari Cultural Series 1 Snapdragon Evergreen Arborist
Sylvari Cultural Series 2 Orchid Nightshade Warden
Sylvari Cultural Series 3 Dryad Firstborn Oaken
WvW Series 1 Diviner Mist Walker Heavy Plate
PvP Series 1 Glorious armor Glorious armor Glorious armor
PvP Series 2 Ardent Glorious armor Ardent Glorious armor Ardent Glorious armor
PvP Series 3 Tribal armor
Apostle armor
Stalwart armor
Studded armor
Marauder armor
Heavy Scale armor
Durmand Priory Armor Light Priory's Historical Medium Priory's Historical Heavy Priory's Historical
Order of Whispers Armor Light Whisper's Secret Medium Whisper's Secret Heavy Whisper's Secret
Vigil Armor Light Vigil's Honor Medium Vigil's Honor Heavy Vigil's Honor
Gem Store Series 1 Profane Krytan Primeval
Gem Store Series 2 Light Aetherblade Medium Aetherblade Heavy Aetherblade
Gem Store Series 3 Phoenix Magitech Braham's
Gem Store Series 4 Trickster's Viper's Phalanx
Gem Store Series 5 Flamekissed Flamewalker Flamewrath
Gem Store Series 6 Light Zodiac Medium Zodiac Heavy Zodiac
Gem Store Series 7 Incarnate Strider's Rampart
Heritage Armor Light Heritage armor Medium Heritage armor Heavy Heritage armor
Radiant Armor Radiant armor Radiant armor Radiant armor
Hellfire Armor Hellfire armor Hellfire armor Hellfire armor
Season 2 Set Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Carapace Armor Carapace armor Carapace armor Carapace armor
Luminescent Armor Luminescent armor Luminescent armor Luminescent armor
Heart of Thorns Set Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Bladed Armor Bladed armor Bladed armor Bladed armor
Leystone Armor Leystone armor Leystone armor Leystone armor
Mistward Armor - - Mistward armor
Ornate Guild Armor Ornate Guild armor (light) Ornate Guild armor (medium) Ornate Guild armor (heavy)
Season 3 Set Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Experimental Envoy armor Experimental Envoy armor Experimental Envoy armor Experimental Envoy armor
Path of Fire Set Light Set Medium Set Heavy Set
Elonian Armor Elonian armor armor Elonian armor Elonian armor
Spearmarshal's Armor Spearmarshal's armor Spearmarshal's armor Spearmarshal's armor
Bounty Hunter's Armor Bounty Hunter's armor Bounty Hunter's armor Bounty Hunter's armor
Funerary Armor Funerary armor Funerary armor Funerary armor
Warbeast Armor Warbeast armor Warbeast armor Warbeast armor