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Jan Kyrthandros[edit]

[[Image:User Thracecius Jan 01.jpg|thumb|right|Jan Kyrthandros]]

  • Character History: Jan is meant to be a direct descendant of Ren Kyrthandros, my Ascalonain Elementalist from the original Guild Wars. Unlike his cousin, Hiram Goldshot, he bears a much closer resemblance to his ancestor in personality, though the pomposity and vanity have been polished enough to reflect what was Ren's true nature, that of dignified humility and an intensely dedicated pride in his native homeland of Ascalon. Jan recognizes the enormous threat of the elder dragons, and is prepared to make any personal sacrifice necessary to protect humanity. He is more or less the embodiment of one of my favorite classes, the Elementalist. He was the seventh character I played when Guild Wars 2 was released, but was deleted for quite some time and recreated October 2017.

[[Image:User Thracecius Jan 02.jpg|thumb|left|Jan Kyrthandros]]

[[Image:User Thracecius Jan 03.jpg|thumb|right|Jan Kyrthandros]]