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This historical page belongs to The Holy Dragons and everything in this page should not be considered canon to Holy's stories. (as they're being improved, by.. a lot..) -- Thanks.

It was a cold and rainy evening.
The rain fell on Nero's coat as he was standing on Beetletun's graveyard.
It has already been 4 days, 4 days since the old man passed away...
Nero stared at the headstone.
This is a monument to the great Razah.
Guildmaster of The Seraphim.
Guardian of Humanity.
keeper of spirits.
Nero had known the old man for a short time though loved him as if he was his father.
The old man taught him how to control his temper and magic.
He had given Nero shelter in times of need and he even dedicated his life to find out what was wrong with Nero's arm.
Why did Nero have this arm? How did it become like this? etc.
He was a kind man.
Nero decided to leave the cemetry and searched for a warm place to spend the night.
He was The Seraphims Guild Leader now just as the Old Man wanted..
Nero saw a tavern in the distance and started to walk slowly in it's direction.
It was still raining.
He opened the door and the bell rang just as the one at a store.
Nero asked for a room at the bar and took place in the corner of the room, his only light coming from the candle in front of him.
Why did the Old Man die? Nero knew..
It was because he was way too reckless during their last mission to kill a grawl chieftain.
The old man told Nero Not to rush forward because it was just too dangerous.
But Nero didn't listen, he rushed forward and struck the chieftain in it's heart.
He had not thought of the grawl's followers which now came running towards him.
A barrage of arrows flew in his direction and he knew he was a goner he closed his eyes waiting for the impact.
But the arrows never hit him.
He opened his eyes to see the Old Man standing in front of him with numberous arrows nailed in his chest.
A cyan coloured aura tried to knit his wounds together but they couldn't get healed anymore.
The Old Man told Nero to run, Nero refused at first but he decided to listen to his leader.
After Nero had ran away far enough he turned and watched in the direction the sounds of battle came from.
At that moment he saw a cyan coloured flash , his master was still alive.
Lightning hit the ground and spread over a large area, it stopped just before Nero's feet.
This was a Destructive Was a legendary spell from hundreds of years ago.
Nero climbed to the top of a hill to see what had happened, The once blossoming fields now lay burned in the distance.
Scorched grawl corpses filled his view with one little cyan light in the midst of it, that had to be the old man.
He ran towards the battlefield and stopped 10 feet away from the cyan light, it was the Old Man but he wasn't made of flesh anymore.
He was a spirit now.
The Old Man had sacrificed his own body to destroy the grawl tribe.
Nero's eyes got filled with tears as the Old Man spoke:
"You're the guild leader now, please be a better leader than I was in my time."
Nero dropped to his knees as the spirit disappeared.

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