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This historical page belongs to The Holy Dragons and everything in this page should not be considered canon to Holy's stories. (as they're being improved, by.. a lot..) -- Thanks.

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A bloody beginning

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A cold wind blew through Rubi's hair while she was sitting on a branch overlooking her target.
That damned Asura, when he said Rival I thought it would be an Asura not an Ettin, and this one is heavily guarded too!
Well let's get this over with those Ettins aren't that smart anyways.
And Rubi slowly went closer, guiding her feet through the dirt, without trying to break any sticks she finally reaches a safe spot.
Ok how am I ever going to do this. Rubi slowly draws her right-pistol and decides to aim for the scariest looking Ettin, she puts an .A.M.P.G.O.O.D.(Asuran.Made.Purple.Glowing.Orb.of.Destructin) in her pistol Rubi takes aim and shoots..
The bullet hits as the target starts shaking, multiple Ettins walk towards the victim to see what's happened and that's when it happens, the reason she took this bullet. her target rips open and a purple explosion takes at least 4 Ettin-lives with it for as far as Rubi's eyes could see.
The remaining Ettins started to search for the cause of all this and Rubi had to hide, she retreated to the forrest where she came from and tried to avoid as much Ettins as possible.
If she met one accidentily she had to fight for her life or else she'd been found at an instant.
She discovers a cavern and spends half of the night in there, She'll return at midnight to steal the powerstones.
The Asura had said he would like his target dead he didn't say the target HAD to be dead.
A couple of hours later Rubi tries again, she sneaks up the Ettins-camp knowing she only has to take out the patrolling guards and steal the powerstones.
Rubi was surprised to see noone guarding the camp and found this a little suspicious though she still continued.
Rubi wakes up to the sound of Ettin grunts.
She tries to move but she can't.
She's been tied up and hung to a tree. Suddenly an ettin says, She has woken up boss. and an Ettin in a great coat closes by, this was her target.
Why are you here?, Yes! why are you here! repeats the second head.
Trying to steal my powerstones aren't you?, well you can get that of your little pretty mind because that's not going to happen. the other head smiles well at least it looks like a smile.
Rubi replies,
With out ever knowing, don't waste no time
Got a face like an angel and the devil in my eyes
Come in closer, step over the line
So I can take your soul and keep you on my dime
What's that? a nice little poem? and the Ettin spits in her face, she tries to wipe the Ettin-saliva from her face but finds her hands still tied.
What? the Ettin asks, have I crossed your little line? and the Ettin walks of.
Her view gets blocked by a with pustules filled Ettin-back with pus dripping out of it, Rubi starts swinging slowly and grabs the Ettin in front of her with her legs.
She throws the ettin beneath her, kicks it unconscious and steps on the beast she unties her hands grabs the guard's sword and starts to kill ettins while searching for her own weapons.
Rubi pierces an Ettin-archer's head and the abomination drops to the ground, she takes it's bow and starts running still trying to find her weapons and the ettin-boss to take revenge.
In the corner of her eye she spots the Ettin-boss running away and she fires an arrow to pin him to the ground, it misses.
An hour later Rubi had finished all Ettin-guards and she found her weapons, and the powerstones.
The Ettin forgot them while running for his life?
Rubi takes the powestones and puts them in her belt pouch, she sheats her own blade and takes her pistols.
She's going to take revenge on that Ettin-bastard no matter what.
A week later Rubi enters the Asura's workshop.
She spots the Asura sitting at his table and walks towards him.
The only thing the Asura had said was, You're too late bookah!
The last thing know about this is there's a large bloodstain in the workshop and a bag with 2 Ettin-heads in it.

What Rubi listens atm.[edit]

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