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This historical page belongs to The Holy Dragons and everything in this page should not be considered canon to Holy's stories. (as they're being improved, by.. a lot..) -- Thanks.

It has been some years now since I have joined The Seraphim.
I remember my first day with the old man at the guild :

"So you would like to join The Seraphim?"
Yeah something like Can I?
"Not yet,first tell me something about yourself."
Sure whatever.. I ran away from home when I was a teenager because of some stuff at home,
I have learned about my ancestor's because of some weird kind of glowing book.
"Weird kind of glowing book?"
"Could you show it to me?"
Maybe later old man or maybe now if you let me join the guild right away?
"Not yet, and what is that with your arm all wrapped in bandages?"
Aaah that.. I decided to train before joining this guild, so I went outside the city walls and started searching for some monsters to defeat!
"It didn't went well?"
It did! I couldn't find any monsters so I decided to walk to the old Temple of Ages,
So I could open up a portal to the underworld or the fissure because that's where one of my ancestors always used to train.
"what are you stupid! even if you would succeed in diving to the statues and performing the ritual you would be killed immediately!"
I didn't have to dive, I found an ancient scroll strong enough to open a portal with me standing on dry land.
I spoke the spell on the scroll but nothing seemed to happen so I gave up and walked away until I heard something,
A giant black claw hit me at my arm and broke it.
It was an Aatxe.
"An Aatxe!,that is one of the most powerful beings in the underworld!"
I know, I fought one.
I tried to run back to Divinity's Reach but I was too far away and I was sure I would never make it there alive!
I used my greatsword with only my left hand and fought with the beast, it was a great battle!
"What!? you had almost died and the only thing you care about was that it was a good fight!"
"We can't use that kind of people around in this guild you are just too reckless!"
What why! I killed him didn't I!
"You won?"
No, I lost that's why I'm standing here in front of you. OF COURSE I WON!
I dodged his claws because I knew what damage they could do and then.. the beast stopped it just stood there motionless staring in the distance.
I watched in the direction the beast was staring at and saw a woman carrying a basket of apples.
the beast ran to the woman with his eyes as red as blood.
I ran after it because I wanted to protect the woman and a blue aura started to bleed from my fingertips it was a spell it was a Sanctuary.
the beast's claw bounced of from the shield and slammed into his own face cracking his skull,
I pierced my greatsword through his back and the beast fell dead on the ground.
The woman was in shock but had no physical damage,
my arm was another story.
It was bleeding like hell and parts of flesh started to transform into some weird kind of demonic flesh.
I decided to visit a monk but not one knew how to cure the transformation so I waited till the pain faded away and then I came here!
"By Balthazar's beard! what tonic have you been drinking?"
"Anyhow, for defeating an Aatxe I hereby invite you Nero Angelo to our Guild, Welcome in The Seraphim!"
Why that all of a sudden?
"I thought you were just a cocky kid but your story proves otherwise,if it's true ofcourse"
Ofcourse it is! why would I lie about something like that!
"that's true.. well if you would follow me to the back I'll hand you our Guild emblem and your platemail."
Platemail? I don't want to wear a platemail! I'll keep wearing my own clothes thank you!
"Fine! do as you want as long as our emblem is on it!"
sure whatever.

And that's how I joined The Seraphim, pretty weird huh? Good ol' times..
I really was a kid back then, I'm glad I've become a lot more serious in the past years.
Tomorrow I'm also taking on a job to raid some centaurs that'll be fun.
Though my arm still hurts as hell and some days I just wonder what should become of it.
well who knows I'm glad I'm able to use it aggain anyway so I don't care...
Have I already mentioned I've risen in The Seraphim's ranks?
I'm a Captain now that is the highest position availlable except for Guild Leader ofcourse.
The old man wishes I would take his place after his death but I don't think I'm ready for such a big responsibility.
that would take at least 20 more years anyhow, so I have got enough time left to train!

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