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Race: Human
Profession: Engineer
Origin: Shaemoor
Eye Color: Autumn Brown
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Order: Order of Whispers
Birthday: August 25, 2018
Age: 5 years and 189 days

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I am Lakynn Sureshot
Balthazar, the god of war, blessed me when I was young. Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with ferocity.
I was raised by common folk, and I've done plenty of honest, hard work. I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never searched for my true parents.
I'm an engineer, and you'll never find me without my eagle-eye goggles at hand.
This is my story.


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Human tango icon 20px.png This user is a human.
Engineer This user is an Engineer.
Biography Ferocity.png Trouble may follow, but I use my Ferocity to overcome it.
I was raised among the common folk of Divinity's Reach. We're the working class, the cogs that keep the city running. I help out at a tavern owned by my friends, Andrew and his daughter Petra. This user was raised by common folk.
When I was an infant, I was abandoned at an orphanage. A kind couple adopted me and became my family. However, I've always wondered about my real parents. One of this user's biggest regrets is that they've never searched for their true parents.
Nothing sees the world more clearly than a soaring eagle. These goggles allow their wearer to see just as well. This user's most useful tool is their Eagle-Eye Goggles.
Balthazar -- the god of war, fire, and challenge -- oversees the battle arena. He gifts those who have a knack for combat strategy and skill with weapons. I have trained hard to honor Balthazar. Everyone said this user was blessed by Balthazar when they were young.
Order of Whispers (order icon).png This user is a member of the Order of Whispers.
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