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About Sciros[edit]

Sciros Darkblade
Sciros in the past

Sciros Darkblade
Sciros in present day

Sciros is the leader of the guild Archons Ascendant (GW1 and GW2). A former Warmaster of Crescent Realm, he is a commander without an army following the sacking and overtaking of his home city by a rival-turned-traitor. Sciros has spent the last several years in exile, honing his abilities and building alliances so that he may one day reclaim his city.
Titled "Darkblade" by the people of the Southeastern desert lands because of the sword he carries (something akin to a Fellblade), Sciros has spent considerable time on the continent of Tyria. After assisting in far North expeditions to eradicate the Destroyer threat, he left the continent in search of adventure in other realms. Hearing of dragons returning to a cold land that had not seen them for ages, the former Warmaster saw an opportunity to learn the secrets of the beasts.
Now, nearly two hundred and fifty years after the vanquishing of the Destroyers, the threat of ancient dragons has spread to Tyria. Rumors can be heard in the small villages and larger cities that the Darkblade has returned to the realm, having neither aged nor given up his weapon of choice. How this has come to be is unclear, if it is even true, but the prospect of re-forming the Archons Ascendant is already on the minds of a number of adventurers.

Main Character[edit]

User Naoroji GW1-Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Sciros Darkblade


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