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This user is also know as The Falling One!
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About me[edit]

  • Name: Sander Hoogervorst
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 23-05-1990
  • Born in: Netherlands in Zuid-Holland (Dune and Bulb Region)
  • Played GW for: Updated 8 May 2009! Thats 5 years People!!!! 5 Years of playing GW WOOT! (F1 may 20th)
  • IRC name: F1
  • Interests: MMORPG, RPG, First Person Shooters, Strategie, Sim and Platform Games
  • Music: Symphonic (Gothic) Metal, Gothic Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and as long as it Rocks i like it!

Atm I'm busy with[edit]

  • Looking for Mangaka to create a Manga with
  • Learning Japanese
  • Watching Anime
  • Reading Manga
  • Getting to the 50 HoM points

GW Info[edit]

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Thoughts­, hopes and dreams about Guild Wars 2[edit]

Here I will write my thoughts, hopes and expectations of Guild Wars 2. Also the things I'm afraid of and my not like.

I would like to discus the stuff written here with anyone who reads it. So don't be shy and visit the talk page! I lover to hear from people.

Still under construction. More will be edited.

The Good[edit]

I really don't know where to start.

Family new[edit]

Wait... are you able to get a girlfriend? Maybe marriage!? Get a home?? HAVING CHILDREN! The things I like most about RPGs!? Please say yes! ME want!

Necromancer new[edit]

Aha! There is the freaking NECRO! WOOOT!

Personal story[edit]

The one thing I like the most about RPG's is the story. I like to make choices and see how I grow and advance and what happens to the people around me and how it affects them. I like to have the feeling that I'm the one who is that person walking on my screen. So I can get sucked only to be sucked out when daylight hits my face and I remember that I have a life (sort of).


As I said I'm a huge fan of the Story, lore and History. I want a motivation to do something. Something that Guild Wars is good at. I love Ascalon and it's storyline. How in it you fight the Charr and live in a destroyed land. What I didn't like so much is the fact that you have defeated a GOD in NF. Every thing came together there. The Lich , Shiro and Abbadon. But then GW:EN came and now you need to kill some great destroyer. I mean I destroyed a freaking GOD, so that was kind of a let down although I grew more used to it over time. Mostly because of the story of GW2. But don't get me wrong I love GW:EN as much as I do Proph. They have my two favourite things about GW. I love the Charr and the Ebon Vanguard. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that you couldn't kill any Asura. Can't wait for GW2. Then I can finally rip their little heads off. Hooray! :D

Right... I'm drifting off. The bottom line is that a game with a sh*ty story is a sh*ty game to me. I wrote almost all lore and history of GW and am still reading it. I can't wait for the GW book: Ghosts of Ascalon. I hope they sell it in Holland. And I hope that the Lore and story of GW2 will be even better than that of GW1.

A lot more[edit]

A lot more will be written down, but now I'm to hungry.

The Bad[edit]

Things I'm afraid of and may not like.

No Death penalty? new[edit]

It seems like they replacing lots of stuff for fun stuff. But are they keeping in mind that fun stuff isn't fun without a challenge. I basically mean: Why should I bother trying to stay a live if there is no death penalty. Sure you need to respawn and walk a bit. Maybe even giving a small amount of money but no real penalty, so why should I care. This will mean a lose of challenges and thus meaning a lose of fun. Sure a death penalty sucks ass sometimes but that's what you get from dying, next time try harder, change skills or get help. You pay, you learn and thus getting wisher and advance.


Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Where is the Necro? Seriously I'm going to beat the living shit out of them if there is no Necro! Hell I even beat the the dead shit out of them!

No Monk new[edit]

I don't really care for it but no real monk means lots of disappointing faces.

Story advancing[edit]

I'm afraid that the storyline will fade away. As you advance on some parts with the Events. For example it is written that you will be able to assault the shores of Orr. Creating an camp there and defend it against Zhaitan's minions. This is great I mean I love the idea but, it will become a problem when you need to do it to advance in the storyline. Because you can't assault the shores if someone already assaulted the the beach. Not a problem in general because you may just be able to take a boat to the camp. But you will miss out a lot of fun and maybe parts of the storyline. And if you would like to do it your self you will need to wait until the camp is destroyed and you need to fall back and do it all over again.

Lose of all quests[edit]

They say that the personal story is the closes thing that resembles quests. I don't know if I would only like events. I mean don't get me wrong I love the Idea of the Events. It's one of the best things. But it will mean that there is a loss of structure and you can't just log off if you need to go with the idea that you will finish it when you get back. Because others will have done it and the world will be changed. I just think that some quest my be needed. Like would you pick me some flowers or bring me some fur. That kind of stuff.

Lose of all missions[edit]

Same thing as with quests. I'm a fread that it will lose structure and a feeling that you advance in game. Also that it will cost you the feeling of a reall story line. This is probably just not the cause but still. I'm very afread in the loss of the feeling that you advance in game.

Underwater exploration[edit]

I'm afraid that the illusion of being underwater will be lost if you don't have to breath underwater. As they say that in water is in other MMO's a place with danger everywhere. But this kind of counts for water in real life as well. I mean if you see enemys swim (Sharks) your not going to dive in without some sort of Protection (Armor and Sword) and you most certainly need to get to the surface because you can't breath underwater. That's life... That's the challenge. But I need to see how it works out.


At first I though it would be fun to have them. But I got to admit that they have some points here. Quips and battle cries are fun but get very VERY annoying if there always the same and are said at the beginning and end of every battle. I mean thing you need to thing about stuff like grinding and Farming. Killing a lot of enemies in a short time and hearing your char spit out Quips every freaking second. It would be great if there in the game and I would probably wanted but it would be even greater if you can put them off in sound options if you like. You can disable it.

The Ugly[edit]

That would be me. I already had the Good and the bad, couldn't leave this one out.

The Hopes[edit]

Things I would like to see in game and of course hope that someone reads it and things: hey that's a great idea lets put it in the game. :P

Darker Side[edit]

I hope to see a more Darker side of GW2 to. Both with the personal story and an order you can choice from. You will still be a hero and all that but the way you become one will be darker.


I hope there will be an Darker order to choice from. One who lurks in the Shadow. They Manipulate and extort and aren't afraid for civilian casualties as it is war. It's an order for assassins and Necromancers the ones who aren't afraid to let there Darker side show. Although there intentions are very noble. They too want to save the world only the way they reaching to there goal is far from noble.

Char Customization[edit]

Ow how I hope that there will be a very advance and cool char customization option. As one of the things I hate the most in MMO's is the fact that I will meet a sh*t load of clones of my self. So I hope that it will be a lot more advance than that of GW1, A LOT more. as the Char customization in GW1 is a bit limited. I want details and a lot of them so it really feels that I'm the only one who looks they way I do.


Not all want to be a hero. I hope you can make this story in GW2: Some just want to live and have a family but are forced to be a hero because all that they hold dear is lost. Now they will pick up arms against the common enemy seeking revenge. But when this all over and the Great Dragons are destroyed. They will go home and start a family away from all the anger and war. Let them fight there battles, A family is what I seek.

Non combat activities[edit]

I hope for a lot of non combat activities. Like crafting and Farming. Not only bar fight and stuff like that. I want to feel that I'm able to create stuff. to do some fishing or go to my home and have a farm there. Grow my crops and talk to my wife. Things that can be made to help others. Become a smith or a miner. And I know that it would be a more WoW ripe off but you got to admit, those things are a lot of fun to do.

Have a Home[edit]

I would really like to have a home. I mean they already said that you will get one but I would like to get married and have a family and stuff. Now that would be great, that is something I really like in a game something that gives you more reasons to fight the enemy and save the world. I mean look at Fable, I just love to have a happy family there, to play with my kid and all that sort. And when I get out of my home slaughter some civilians for fun (Yes I like to be evil :P).