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Welcome! I have been a Guild Wars fan for a few years now first picking up Prophecies and Eye of the North in 2009 and Factions and Nightfall in 2010 and I have been a major fan of the series ever since. In Guild Wars 1 I played an Elementalist and from the very announcement of the profession I knew I would be playing one in Guild Wars 2.
I am also an admin and content producer for Guild Wars 2 Community where I post various blog post on my view of Guild Wars updates.
In Guild Wars 2 me and my friends will be founding a guild (Clean-Up Krewe) that will be focused on help other players progress through the game and getting to end game content of Guild Wars 2. If you are interested in join please get into contact with me.
Currently I looking for various items for my Hall of Monuments (see Hall of Monuments above) and if you can help with any of them I would really appreciate it if you got into contact with me.
Please Note: This page is still under construction, if you would like help or offer some handy advice please don't hesitate to do so

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