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straighens tie

Paladin One. Yes people call me that IRL. Some people, for whatever reason, call me "Pally~". ~ included. Formerly major editor for the FTB Wiki over on Gamepedia, specialized in GregTech. And then I stopped playing Minecraft because I couldn't handle the RAM costs anymore, and was rather forcibly dragged into playing this game in stead. Twice. By two different people. Both of whom hate each other.

I'm a fairly sporadic and infrequent editor, motivated by a simple cycle: I stumble upon a page that has something on it that's either outdated or missing or grammatically wonky or shouldn't be there, I get annoyed at its date/miss/wonk/presence, and I resolve my annoyance by making it no longer dated/missing/wonky/present.

Either that or I just get bored and write a thing. Also Roller Beetles.

Gods I Praise[edit]

  • The Dome Fossil, God of Democracy, and his prophet Flareon
  • The WikiGods
  • The Voidspider (because I am still in [SYMF])
  • The Voidspifer (a much spiffier spider, created by a typo from one of my officers)

Active Characters[edit]

  • Alexander Holmstrom, Norn Engineer, who I accidentally made minimum-norn-height but is otherwise modeled after me and is therefore a direct stand-in for me.
  • Rigwan, Charr Thief, who was created purely for the sake of irony in a time when I hated Charr, hated Thieves, and then made a max-height max-horn-size one just to spite myself and then realized it was fun. Proud wielder of The Predator, although Holmstrom has sharing rights as he built it. Mostly runs around Fractals with Bo.
  • Erin Holmstrom, Norn Ranger. Slapping Mordrem in the face with a Greatsword since 1328AE. Probably should be a combat medic but Minstrel's gear is impossible.
  • Azael Mattherson, Asura Necromancer, who was created out of hatred for Scourge to play Scourge in PvP. Now a Reaper because the power of that anime cannot be controlled.
  • Ariana Kalendra, Sylvari Mesmer. Very annoyed at Mordremoth which is saying something because no Sylvari other than Canach is ever annoyed at anyone. Doesn't know what timeline she's supposed to be in but was probably the illusion all along. so glowy :3
  • Ironically, no Guardian. Yet. SoonTM.

Other Things I Do[edit]

  • Pretend I know how the Java and C languages work
  • Lament not knowing C++
  • Try to convince other people who don't really know how those languages work that I do know how those languages work
  • Explain everything ever
  • Unhealthy amounts of Factorio to the point of not having a Spoon
  • Play DOTA 2 badly
  • Fervently Raze Joko because that [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] son of a [expletive deleted] thinks he can [expletive deleted] steal credit for my [expletive deleted] dragon kills

Also the /wiki command is the best command ever. Thank you ANet.