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User Nemis troy Nemis Troy Portait.jpg User Nemis troy Legolas Troy Portrait.jpg
Necromancer tango icon 200px.png
Nemis Troy
Human Necromancer
Human tango icon 200px.png Ranger tango icon 200px.png
Legolas Troy
Sylvari Ranger
Sylvari tango icon 200px.png
User Nemis troy Gunslinger Troy Portrait.jpg User Nemis troy Merlin Troy Portrait.jpg
Engineer tango icon 200px.png
Gunslinger Troy
Asuran Engineer
Asura tango icon 200px.png Mesmer tango icon 200px.png
Merlin Troy
Norn Mesmer
Norn tango icon 200px.png
User Nemis troy Firestarter Troy Portrait.jpg User Nemis troy Shea Troy Portrait.jpg
Elementalist tango icon 200px.png
Firestarter Troy
Human Elementalist
Human tango icon 200px.png Warrior tango icon 200px.png
Shea Troy
Charr Warrior
Charr tango icon 200px.png
User Nemis troy Tara Troy Portrait.jpg User Nemis troy Guardian Portrait.jpg
Thief tango icon 200px.png
Tara Troy
Norn Thief
Norn tango icon 200px.png Guardian tango icon 200px.png
Troy Xena
Human tango icon 200px.png
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General Info:

Handle: Nemis troy
Gender: Male.png
Location: United Kingdom
Home World: Whiteside Ridge (Europe)


Played Guild Wars from April 2005 to Present. I have completed all 3 campaigns and the expansion and have completed all Hard Mode / Vanquish items. I have 11 character in Guild Wars which can be seen on my Guild Wars Wiki Page.
I have also been playing Stronghold Kingdoms and I also have characters on Everquest II.

Guild History:

CainJadehq [cain] - Joined: 31st August 2012 Left: September 2012 rejoined August 2013 - Rank: Member - Home World: Whiteside Ridge
God Of Eternal Darkness [god] - founder Joined January 2014 Home World: Whiteside Ridge

My GW2 Friends:

Aiden The Aged - GWW GW2W
Eliter - GWW

Projects/To do List:

* Leveling / Progressing My Story
* Achievements

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