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A list of the known locations, feel free to add your own and don't forget to mention your source. Or you can give us a new source here and we'll add them. Now start making those articles!!

Along the Dragonbrand
Blightwater Basin
Steeleye Span
Foulblain Expanse
Hazmagic Aggregate
Monument Grounds
Lowland Burns
West of the Dragonbrand
Ratcatcher Knoll
Tongue Rock
Relliatus Canyon
InGenium Research Facility it's an easter egg
Kindling Bridge
East of the Dragonbrand
The Soot Road
Behem Gauntlet
Crater Rim
Gasfor- [incomplete]
Unbroken Expanse
Degun Shun
Heretic Plain
Shattered Expanse
Terra Carorunda
Terra Combusta
Tawny Ridge

Sources: GWGuru: The map, regarding Ascalon & Leaked video