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My Userboxes. Feel free to use them! (Except for the Krytan Expeditionary Force one.)
RP This user likes to roleplay, either casually or all the time.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
Jumping Puzzles.png This user does not like jumping puzzles.

PvE This user plays PvE.
Male.png This user is Male.
User Tender Wolf Master Dungeon Guide.png This user likes to make personal stories for their characters

User Tender Wolf charrfortemplate.png This user is a charr.
I am Ash Legion. I charge straight into battle. The Ash Legion pushes to the front line in any combat. We're powerful and bold, and none can match our prowess on the field. This user is proud to be an Ash Legion soldier.
Ranger This user is a Ranger.

User Drizzt.1796 KEF.jpg This user is part of the Krytan Expeditionary Force.
Coming Home loading screen.jpg This user believes in One Charr, One Future.
Lion's Arch loading screen.jpg This user lives in Lion's Arch.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png This user has the Heart of Thorns expansion.
PoF logo small.png This user has the Path of Fire expansion.
Shing Jea concept art.jpg This user Is a canthan.