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Hey, it's Dacromir! I've been gone for two years, serving an LDS mission. I'm back now! Back into the game and loving it. However, this page, my guides, and my YouTube channel need a lot of work. This page is still under construction. Hang tight!



Pyrotech Dacromir

My Engineer is my favorite character. The moment I picked up a Flamethrower, I was hooked. I love engineer for the flexibility. The wide range of utility gadgets makes builds so interesting for me. The weapon kits are also amazing, of course; with no-cooldown swapping between up to four weapons, you have a lot of skills at your disposal. Their aesthetic is so satisfying; I love the kinetic feel of the gunshots and explosions. Oh, and I love Rocket Boots and Jump Shot too; no one jumps like an engineer.


This build is honestly designed around what I find fun, and then I've done my best to make it viable. It is primarily a control build. With three powerful knockbacks on short cooldowns, as well as an immobilize, you have a lot of ways to lock down an enemy. It provides high damage to both single targets and AoE, and covers ground quickly with 100% swiftness uptime and Rocket Boots. It has moderate defenses, with a very high dodge rate, but staying alive relies on making careful use of your controls and other utility skills. A highly flexible build good for sPvP, WvW, and most PvE content.


Captain Dacromir


Structured PvP

WvW and PvE





Thief Build[edit]

This is my thief build. It's viable in almost any situation. This build has high mobility, able to cover ground faster than almost any other class. This build has lots of active defenses and stuns, as well as strong self-healing. It does have some ramp-up time to its damage, but it can sustain high damage, both single-target and AoE. It has extremely high defenses, with frequent AoE blinds and lots of self-healing.

Keybind Setup (Out of Date)[edit]

I use a pretty unique keybind setup, and I get a lot of questions about it. It gives me the control and mobility of someone with expensive gaming hardware, but I'm using a mouse and keyboard that cost maybe $10 each. It's a bit tricky to adjust to, but definitely worth the switch. Will be updated soon

Stat Interactions (Work in Progress)[edit]

A guide discussing the math and mechanics of the stats of Guild Wars 2. Rather than giving my opinion of the "best" stat distribution, I simply talk about how the stats interact with eachother and other mechanics in the game. Very unfinished.


User Dacromir Emblem.jpg

I have some videos on YouTube. I've got a couple of miscellaneous videos, but most of them are my WvW Chronicle project.

WvW Chronicle[edit]

There are lots of highlight reel videos out there where the posters cherry-pick their best moments for a video. Those are cool, but I wanted to do something a little bit different. Each video covers a segment of my time in WvW lasting roughly 30 minutes. For each video, I show everything that happened to me for that half hour. I show both my awesome kills and my stupid mistakes. I don't edit anything out; I only speed up the non-fighting portions to 12x (5s sped up for every minute raw) and add commentary. The goal with this is to better teach people about how I play, and hopefully to provide something different from what's currently out there.