Ballista (United Legions)

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A Ballista is a Drizzlewood Coast siege weapon that fires large bolts to pierce a target with a maximum range of 3,000 units and an AoE target cap of 10. It is highly effective against individual players, small groups and siege weapons, but less so against larger groups and other siege targets.

Ballistae require line of sight, and can easily be blocked by the ground or by parapets on the edge of structure walls, depending on the elevation of the target. As such they will often be built on the very edge of walls, making them vulnerable to attacks from enemy players.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Fire (Ballista).png Fire 2 Fire a ballista arrow through approaching foes. Does double damage to siege weapons.
2 Fire Shattering Bolt.png Fire Shattering Bolt 10 Fire a ballista arrow that splinters on contact, bleeding nearby targets
3 Fire Reinforced Shot.png Fire Reinforced Shot 40 Pierces. Fire a reinforced ballista bolt. Does extra damage to siege equipment.