Trebuchet (Battle of Champion's Dusk)

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Each team has access to a trebuchet (Red Trebuchet.png or Blue Trebuchet.png) which can bombard any enemy or area on the battlefield. It causes massive damage and knockback to enemy players who get caught in the area of effect. It does not affect your allies. It can also be used to destroy buildings and objects in your way. This can help create easier access routes to lanes from a team's base, or to provide additional routes to flank the opposing team.

Trebuchets can be destroyed by enemy players. When this happens, supply can be used to repair it or it will be repair automatically after a time period.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Turn Left.png Turn Left 100.25¼ Press and hold to turn your trebuchet to the left.
2 Fire (Trebuchet).png Fire 40.25¼ 3 Press and hold to fire a trebuchet shot. Hold down to shoot farther.
3 Turn Right.png Turn Right 100.25¼ Press and hold to turn your trebuchet to the right.


  • Unlike other trebuchets, its Fire skill removes Stability.png Stability on hit.