Ticket Merchant

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The Ticket Merchant was an NPC located in the Hall of Memories, standing near the Tournament Master in the Lost Agora Square.


Historical location[edit]

The Mists

Items offered[edit]

  • 1 Tournament Ticket for 1 Copper Tournament Reward Token
  • 3 Tournament Tickets for 1 Silver Tournament Reward Token
  • 5 Tournament Tickets for 1 Gold Tournament Reward Token


The Tournament Master has deemed that tournaments shall be free and would like to offer you these rewards as thanks for your patronage. Would you care to see them?
Talk give option tango.png
Sure. Show me.
Talk end option tango.png
No, thanks. (even with Tournament Tickets in the inventory, after the ticket exchange was disabled)


  • After the removal of tournament arenas with the February 26, 2013 game update, this NPC was introduced to accept and exchange existing Tournament Tickets for a limited time. Shortly after, its functionality was disabled, and the NPC eventually removed.