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im pretty sure this skill is more to do with the war ship than the band...--The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Getefix (talk).

Or the jellyfish?-- Shew 13:13, 31 July 2011 (UTC)
(Ooh. Edit conflicts.) This is really mostly a matter of curiosity, but is the band reference really useful? I realize it's 'trivia', but it's not a particularly unique reference, nor does it provide anything enlightening about its use by designers or its original verbal origin. If it is, then I think we should say so. Otherwise, it doesn't really differentiate itself from any of these disambigs, of which the most relevant in my opinion would really be either of the aforementioned with my nod to the jelly-like animal colony. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Redshift (talk).
If the actual spelling was Manowar... which it isn't. Removing erroneous trivia. Also, Sabaton is better. Mediggo 14:04, 31 July 2011 (UTC)
Having not remembered that there are other "Man O' War"s out there, but given the ranger's nature, the fact this is an underwater skill, skill's ability (immobilizing), and finally the (rather blurry) icon, I'm guessing it deals with the jellyfish. Konig/talk 21:10, 31 July 2011 (UTC)
The jellyfish itself is named after warship... But after looking at the skill icon for second tme... well, it does seem like a jellyfish, and there's nothing wrong with your logic. Mediggo 21:36, 31 July 2011 (UTC)
Man'o'wars are not jellyfish Venom20 User Venom20-icon-0602-sm-black.png 14:11, 1 August 2011 (UTC)
True, but not many people outside of biologists are aware of that factoid :p. Man o' wars are a colonial organism. They are composed of a very large amount of minute organisms which are all very highly specialized, physically connected and so deeply dependent on each other that they are incapable of surviving on their own (see also the wikipedia entry on them). They're not actual jellyfish, but they look and act almost identically. Wether or not that should be in the trivia page in such detail though... I dunno. 14:30, 1 August 2011 (UTC)
Yes, that's what I read from wikipedia right now. Thank you for correcting my erroneous talk page contribution. Mediggo 14:49, 1 August 2011 (UTC)
I was just pointing it out for the purposes of this conversation, I think the trivia note is just fine since it references that it is an animal with jellyfish like characteristics. Venom20 User Venom20-icon-0602-sm-black.png 14:51, 1 August 2011 (UTC)
If you want an exact match to find pointless trivia; Tentacruel's (Pokémon) beta name was Man O War. In-game the single quote did not function at that time, resulting in the lack of punctuation in-game. But obviously that Pokémon's name was based off the actual jellyfish, hence this trivia is correct as is. - Infinite - talk 14:19, 22 April 2012 (UTC)