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To do list[edit]

  • 0NoSlayer potions (not sure if this should be included)
  • 0NoUpdate precursor collection foods
  • 1YesBloodstone foods
  • 1YesFind the correct LS2 realeases for LS2 section
  • 1YesUpdate PoF foods (possibly done)

Ultimate Goal[edit]

0NoCheck all food histories to make sure this page includes all new foods. 0NoCreate a better table

Recipe foods only?[edit]

Hi everyone, I am the creator of this page. Thank you so much for the contrubutions on this page.

Should we add all the new foods in this page or should we just list foods that requires new recipes?

IDK if it's a good idea to add new slayer potions, bloodstone foods and other stuffs. Please let me know what you think.

Update: I added bloodstone and many other stuffs. But I think it's a bad idea to add slayer potions since there are alot of them.