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Beacon's Perch?[edit]

How can Durmand Priory be located directly on top of old (and deeply beloved) Beacon's Perch? According to my investigations done on the matter; Beacon's was located on more or less the same latitude as Beetletun. So, if you go by this; the ruins of Beacon's should be found (again: more or less) some place in the western part of Snowden Drifts!

And that is quite a far way north compared to Durmand Priory! Foot-note: yes, I obviously get the fact that they have had to do a few minor changes to locations etc. in order to make GW2 the game it is. But this looks like it's way off to me!

Interesting GW1-GW2 map comparison: preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Titus The Third (talk).

Did some more research on the internet... and the answer is:
No! Durmand Priory is not built on top of Beacon's Perch (I'll remove this info from the page in a sec). If you take a look at the following (and excellent) GW1-GW2 map comparison it will all possibly be made very clear :)
-- Titus The Third User titus the third.png 16:50, 5 September 2012 (UTC)
1) Beacon's Perch is more on the same latitude as Ascalon Settlement, not Beetletun - Beetletun's too far north (this is in regards to GW2 map).
2) This information also comes from the developers themselves. Sadly, the source on this article wasn't the interview where it was said. I'll try to find said interview, though I think it was stated somewhere in game too...
3) Your "excellent" map is and has been known for some time to be very much off. Over half of the outposts are in wrong places - both in comparing distances of GW1 locations, and in where they are in GW2. That's not a good back up. For instance: Grendich Courthouse is too far north; Sardelac Santarium, Serenity Temple, Fort Ranik, and Ascalon City are too far east, Rin is too far northeast, etc. etc.
4) If you notice, Beetletun is further north than it is in GW1, so your original argument of it being on the same latitude as Beacon's Perch is null and void when looking at the GW2 map. Though on that reddit map, it's too far south (the GW1 icon). Konig/talk 17:33, 5 September 2012 (UTC)
Alright alright. But I think we can agree about one thing: anyhow you see it. Durmand Priory is not very likely to be built upon old Beacon's Perch. Regardless of what you choose (or not choose) to build your geographical theories upon: Old Lion's arch, old Beetletun, new Beetletun, Shaemoor, old gw1 map, new gw2 map, the Lornar's pass province/area itself, Henravi, Ascalon city, whatever!
And if this is official info from the developers... well then I would say that they just need to change their "official statement". Anyhow: I've looked for any info about Beacon's in game; both close to Lornar's gate (which one could assume, the name given and all, would be more or less in the same place as old Beacon's) and Durmand Priory. Regardless: I've found no info so far.
Of course: feel free to bring in the interview as an external link. But because of the obvious geographical conflicts, it should anyhow (official or not) be written on the main page that this info is highly debatable! -- Titus The Third User titus the third.png
If it's official, then it's not debatable - perhaps not done well enough, but not debatable. Irregardless, in the end it doesn't matter much, and looking at the map and where the Frost Gate (the gate itself) is, Durmand Priory is a bit too far south to be Beacon's Perch, though not by much. Comparing GW1 Lornar's Pass to GW2 Lornar's Pass using the Frost Gate as the fixed overlapping point, the haven would be where Beacon's Perch was. Konig/talk 19:39, 6 September 2012 (UTC)


I translated one of the tablets in the hallway to the PoI.

The charr rebellion
The story of Kalla Scorchrazor and the charr rebellion against the shaman caste has been told many times.
Most historians have studied the battle on the plains of golgheim, and how Kalla's female warriors, trained in secret for a ::generation or more, dealt a decisive blow to the goldlegion.
However, many often forget that the rebellion began some forty years earlier, when Kalla's grandfather Pyre Fierceshot **** shamans ****.

The parts with the * are unreadable for me. If anyone could add these in a good format to the wiki, I'd be very happy. I'll add them here as I translate them.

Next tablet:
The fall of Ascalon
History tells us that Ascalon City fell in the year 1090AE.
However, that date does not mark the end of the tale of Ascalon, but the beginning of an even darker chapter.
Adelbern, last king of Ascalon, destroyed his sword, Magdaer, thus unleashing the foefire, which swept through the city, destroying the king's e(nemies) **** cursing his ******* (ete)rnal ***.
The parts in () are guesses.
Last tablet:
The rise of the dragons
Never shall a fall reckoning of the tales of the dragons be told by mere mortals, for the cycle of their awakenings date back past the time of the Giganticus Lupicus into the prehistory of our very world.
The current rise of the dragons began almost 250 years ago in the Far Shiverpeaks.
Hero es if the time across **********.
The last sentence is readable, but it seems to say this.