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Table/infobox theme colours[edit]

Firstly I agree that this page is required for the gallery + file names. That is pretty much where my agreement ends :p

<rant> This page is a monstrosity of colour.

  1. It starts off with an armor set infobox template (class="equip") - when its pretty clear that its a skin. Skins don't have a rarity nor level >.> If that requires a parameter be added to denote "infobox class = skin" + switches the top colour to pink, then fine.
  2. The first prefix table... definitely not class="vendor npc" at least. Do skins have prefixes?
  3. The second prefix table (class="vendor npc" again) - again skins with prefixes? I get that we're trying to be a one-stop-shop on every temple armor summary page but it just seems wrong.
  4. Armor gallery (class="equip") - alright well at least it ties in with the top infobox. Still, if we change the colour of the top infobox then this should match.
  5. "Temple vendor nav" - there aren't any NPCs appearing in this nav. 2/3 of the links are going to "set" pages - so rather than class="nav npc", it should still be "nav equip".

Pick 1 table class, or at most 2, and stick to them. </rant>. -Chieftain AlexUser Chieftain Alex sig.png 09:59, 2 May 2014 (UTC)

also, the link to The Narthex doesn't really drop the reader onto anything specific - what's the difference between Warmaster Benson/Crusader Benson? In their infoboxes they're both listed in The Narthex, but only Crusader Benson is listed on "The Narthex". Do you need to finish Gates of Arah (meta event) to persuade the npc to sell armor? If so, is this true for both NPCs or just one version? -Chieftain AlexUser Chieftain Alex sig.png 10:03, 2 May 2014 (UTC)
Agreed with point 2/3 - a skin page shouldn't be discussing stats unless it's a combined skin+item page.
Corrected point 5. —Dr Ishmael User Dr ishmael Diablo the chicken.png 12:42, 2 May 2014 (UTC)
I don't care about any of the colors, I was more interested in getting the function set up than the color of the boxes. You can change them all to shit brown for all I, or any player, would care. In fact, please do! As for the temple vendor nav box, that could just be tossed in the bin. It was originally called Armageddon armor nav, so I put it here because I thought... well it makes sense that the armageddon armor nav would be here. But then I saw that it was more about the vendors than the armor itself, so I made my own template instead and moved that one. But because I lazily updated the links while moving it, it stayed here even though it wasn't really appropriate. It could be deleted outright because I don't think it accomplishes anything important.
As for the narthex links, I just did that by rote because the narthex is, like Temple of Melandru, the area in which these events take place. It can be changed to the gates of arah, I have no problem with that. And yes you do have to complete the meta event to get him to sell the armor. Its common player lingo to lump the narthex and the gates of arah with all the other temples, even though its not. Also there is no difference between the two bensons. Honestly I'm pretty sure there's only supposed to be one. If you only want to link to one, it should be warmaster benson, because he has dialogue whereas crusader benson does not.
Lastly, I diagree with the suggestion that the prefix information should be removed. In fact its a critical component to this article. It answers an important question: What temples do I have to visit to get a full set of exotic soldier's armor? Or at least as many pieces as are avaliable. Unlike most armor sets, this armor set is made up of a bunch of pieces with different prefixes, but the prefixes actually matter to people. Well, not magi's, but that's beside the point. It's exotic armor so players will come here to get it for cheap, and when they do, they want to know how to get their preferred prefix. Removing prefix info because of semantics like "this is about a skin! skins don't have stats!" is downright silly. If it makes you feel better, you can change the opening line to "Aurora armor refers the light temple armor sets and the skin which they all share." or something. Psycho Robot (talk) 18:20, 2 May 2014 (UTC)