Super Adventure Weapon Box

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Box of Super Adventure Box Goods.png

Super Adventure Weapon Box

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to choose an orange Super Adventure Box weapon skin.

— In-game description


This achievement is repeatable infinitely and does not contribute to a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Course Load Super Adventure Box: Nostalgia 20Achievement points
Complete the Course Work achievement eight times over the course of the Super Adventure Festival. The Course Work achievement is located in the Super Adventure Box: Daily tab.
Reward: Box of Super Adventure Box Goods.pngSuper Adventure Weapon Box
Planning and Organization 101s Completed 20Achievement points


Choose one of the following:


Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Kaiser Snake Axe.pngKaiser Snake Axe Skin
Kaiser Snake Dagger.pngKaiser Snake Dagger Skin
Kaiser Snake Mace.pngKaiser Snake Mace Skin
Kaiser Snake Pistol.pngKaiser Snake Pistol Skin
Kaiser Snake Scepter.pngKaiser Snake Scepter Skin
Kaiser Snake Sword.pngKaiser Snake Sword Skin
Kaiser Snake Focus.pngKaiser Snake Focus Skin
Kaiser Snake Shield.pngKaiser Snake Shield Skin
Kaiser Snake Torch.pngKaiser Snake Torch Skin
Kaiser Snake Warhorn.pngKaiser Snake Warhorn Skin
Kaiser Snake Greatsword.pngKaiser Snake Greatsword Skin
Kaiser Snake Hammer.pngKaiser Snake Hammer Skin
Kaiser Snake Longbow.pngKaiser Snake Longbow Skin
Kaiser Snake Rifle.pngKaiser Snake Rifle Skin
Kaiser Snake Short Bow.pngKaiser Snake Short Bow Skin
Kaiser Snake Staff.pngKaiser Snake Staff Skin