Stop the enhanced ettin's rampage

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Stop the enhanced ettin's rampage

Fisher's Eye Bridges
(Timberline Falls)
Event type
Event boss (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Help Goldenlight Hallow with their experiments
Preceded by
Talk back option tango.png
Collect ettin test subjects for Jonga's experiment
Interactive map

Interactive map

Stop the enhanced ettin's rampage is a level 56 Dynamic event that occurs in Fisher's Eye Bridges.


  • Enhanced Ettin
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 5,285
270 Karma.png 63 Copper coin
Silver 4,492
230 Karma.png 53 Copper coin
Bronze 3,964
203 Karma.png 47 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 56 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before event start
Researcher Jonga: Let's begin the test.
Researcher Jonga: So, ettin, how do you feel?
Meek Ettin: Hmmm. I believe that "singed" would be the appropriate descriptor.
Meek Ettin: True, her choice of external bombardment was questionable.
Meek Ettin: Administration through injection would have likely proved cleaner and more effective.
Researcher Jonga: What are you on about? My device worked perfectly.
Meek Ettin: She doesn't see it. Surprising. I wonder, should I bother attempting to explain?
Meek Ettin: I suppose it seems only charitable to elaborate.
Meek Ettin: You see, had you administered by serum, you could have compensated for my plasma osmolality - oh.
Before Meek Ettin transforms
Researcher Jonga: What? What is it?
Meek Ettin: I would appear to be on the verge of demonstrating the flaw in your procedure.
Meek Ettin: I suggest you run, my long-eared friend. You will not enjoy what your alchemy has wrought.


Completing this event gives 100% completion towards the nearby renown heart task.