Spirit of the Wolf

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the effect. For the Spirit of the Wild, see Spirit of Wolf.

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Spirit of the Wolf

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You have embodied the spirit of the wolf.

— In-game description

Spirit of the Wolf is applied if the player chooses Twilight of the Wolf as part of their level 10 personal story. The effect will be seen during The Last of the Giant-Kings.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Snap.png Bite 0.25¼ Bite your victim with ghostly jaws.
2 Brutal Charge (canine).png Lunge 0.25¼ 5 Lunge at your victim with a powerful attack.
3 Crippling Leap.png Leap 10.25¼ 10 Leap at your target.
4 Rending Lunge.png Baby Wolf 2 15 Summon a spectral wolf to aide[sic] you in battle for a short time.
5 Howl of the Pack.png Healing Howl 2 20 Heal yourself through the power of your own howl.
6-0 Skill.png Spirit Form You cannot use skills while in the form of the wolf spirit.