Spirit Barrier

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Spirit Barrier

Spirit Barrier.jpg

Spirit Vale
(Forsaken Thicket)

After entering the Gorseval the Multifarious boss fight, four Spirit Barriers are erected around the platform, blocking access to the updrafts outside of it. They can be damaged and destroyed to allow leaving the platform and glide into the updraft when Gorseval channels his World Eater attack. A common strategy, if the group decides to take updrafts, is to lure Gorseval to the edge of the platform after his Ghostly Rampage attack and keep damaging him while cleaving the barrier at the same time. Most groups nowadays decide to skip updrafts entirely though making the spirit barriers less important.

All destroyed/damaged barriers will be respawned at full health when Gorseval goes into Ghostly Rampage again.


Heart of Maguuma


  • The hitbox of the barriers is a lot larger than it appears and they suffer damage from cleave at a considerable distance.

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