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Guild Wars 2 Wiki public sandbox

This is the Guild Wars 2 Wiki public sandbox. You can test out the wiki code etc. here.

Please be aware that absolutely anyone can overwrite your changes and the sandbox will be blanked from time to time, so don't put anything too important here!

When using this sandbox please follow these simple rules:

  • Please do not revert each other.
  • Please leave this notice and the comments at the beginning of this page intact.
  • Please keep things small enough not to be a hassle to testers.
  • This page must not be moved.
  • Do not add categories to this page, this includes categories added by templates like deletion templates etc..
  • For tests of simple things, you may not even need to modify this page - just try using "Show preview" first.

Happy testing!


100% Kill Streak Experience Bonus
Agonizing Rune
An Apple a Day (effect)
Arcing Affliction
Backlashing Beam
Berserk (effect)
Boost Disabled
Bramble (effect)
Brawler Damage
Brawler Disabled
Burst of Strength (effect)
Champion's Chalice (effect)
Champion's Crown (effect)
Chaos Corrosion
Corrupted Essence
Crab Battle Form
Cruel Targe
Crystal Might
Drake Battle Form
Elemental Grasp
Empowerment (effect)
Enraged (Lady Wisteria Whiskington)
Enraged (Samarog)
Erratic Energy
Eternal Bond (effect)
Fetid Fog
Fiery Grasp
Fire Armor
Fire Shield (Sparcus Firesplash)
Frontal Origin
Gambit: Exhausted
Gambit: Frailty
Gambit: On Fire
Gambit: Squeamish
Glyph of Stars (non-celestial) (effect)
Glyph of the Stars (Celestial Avatar) (effect)
Glyph of the Stars (non-celestial) (effect)
Guild Objective Aura I
Guild Objective Aura III
Guild Objective Aura VII
Hastened Demise
Holding Food
Husk Tuning
Hyper Rush
Jungle Bonus Tier 01
Jungle Bonus Tier 02
Jungle Bonus Tier 03
Koda's Fire
Ley Line Disruption
Magic Aura (blue)
Magic Aura (red)
Moa Battle Form
Mordrem Dissector (eye)
Mordrem Dissector (kidney)
Motion Controls
Nosing around
Poison Vines
Power Share
Qualify for Damage Control
Qualify for Dynastic End
Qualify for Elite Elimination
Qualify for No Culinary Application
Rapid Lacerations (effect)
Rear Protection
Rejuvenation (guardian effect)
Sapping Surge
Signet of Renewal (effect)
Signet of Stamina (effect)
Signet of the Hunt (active effect)
Smoke and Daggers
Spacial Distortion
Steel and Fury
Sticking Together
Sulfur Crystal (effect)
Tar Shield (Mordant Crescent Arbiter)
Tectonic Shift
Thorn Shield
Time Bomb
Tithe to Royalty
Tough Vines
Toxic Corruption
Unbearable Flames
Unbridled Chaos
Unbridled Fear
Unstable (Forged)
Unstable Mount
Victory Glow
Vine Shield (Sylvari)
Wroda's Quickness


Anguished Bolt
Anguished Wail
Apple Drop
Astral Surge
Attack (Owl Tonic)
Attractor Pulse
Bane of Joko
Bash (Keg of Ale)
Begin Riding
Bite (Moa Battle Form)
Bite (Plastic Spider Tonic)
Bite (smokescale)
Bite (sylvan hound)
Block (Mummy Tonic)
Bombard (skill)
Brutal Aura
Build (Hammer)
Burrow (Beetle Feast)
Call Lightning (Jacaranda)
Cannon Barrage
Charge (Beetle Feast)
Charge (Champion Stonehead)
Charge (gazelle)
Chords (skill)
Claw (Crab Battle Form)
Claw (Samarog)
Cleave (Guldhem)
Consume Ectoplasm
Consuming Bite
Contact Taimi
Cosmic Aura
Crab Shell (Crab Battle Form)
Cranial Cascade
Crimson Dawn
Crippling Anguish
Crystal Shard (Branded skill)
Dark Water (soulbeast)
Dash (Mummy Tonic)
Dash (Spooky Zombie Tonic)
Dazing Bite
Deathstrike (second skill)
Demonic Aura
Demonic Projection
Demonic Shockwave
Dip (Beetle Feast)
Disarm Caltrops Mine
Disarm Land Mine
Disarm Poison Gas Mine
Distress Pheromones
Dive (Beetle Feast)
Dodge (Beetle Feast)
Doll's Arrow
Doll's Devastation
Drink (Ancient Elixir)
Drink (Elixir Bottle)
Duck (Beetle Feast)
Dune Roller
Energy Surge (Cairn)
Evasive Strike Left (Crab Battle Form)
Evasive Strike Right (Crab Battle Form)
Expel Energy
Fade to Black
Fast Break
Fear (Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic)
Fiery Shield (Malfunctioning Staff)
Fire Snowball (chain)
Focused Anger
Frenzied Peck (Moa Battle Form)
Furtive Glance
Gravity Pulse
Gravity Wave
Hammer Bash (charr weapon)
Hammer Smash (charr weapon)
Headbutt (gazelle)
Healing Cloud (soulbeast)
Healing Rain (Malfunctioning Staff)
Health Potion (Medium)
Horizon Strike
Howl (skill)
Howling Death
Inevitable Betrayal
Jab (Candy Corn Tonic)
Jump (Basket Brawl)
Kick (gazelle)
Launch (turret)
Lay Mine
Legendary Prisoner Stance
Level Up
Light (Candle)
Lightning Jolt
Lightning Surge (Malfunctioning Staff)
Mib Ring
Mind Crush
Mist Bomb
Narcotic Spores
Nomad II Broadside
Oakheart's Reach (1 use)
Oakheart's Reach (2 uses)
Orbital Sweep
Pincer Snap (Crab Battle Form)
Pounce (sylvan hound)
Practice Swing
Prince's Daze
Prince's Grasp
Prison Shank
Prisoner Sweep
Punch (Candy Corn Tonic)
Punch (Mummy Tonic)
Punishing Kick
Radiant Fury
Rain of Spikes
Ranch Hand Sprint (Bag of Feed)
Rending Kick (Moa Battle Form)
Ride Bloodstone Ascender
Root Slap
Rotten Apple
Scan for Mines
Screech (Moa Battle Form)
Screen (Basket Brawl)
Searing Heat
Sharpen Spines
Shield of Elona
Shockwave (Malfunctioning Staff)
Shockwave (Samarog)
Shoot (Basket Brawl)
Shot Block
Signal Mortar (Golem Battle Suit Prototype)
Slash (feline)
Smack (Candy Corn Tonic)
Smack (Fancy Winter Crystal Scepter)
Smash (Elixir Bottle)
Snarl (snow leopard skill)
Snow Storm
Snowflake Fireworks
Snowflake Fireworks (chain)
Sohothin Blossom
Sohothin's Grace
Solar Bolt
Solar Discharge
Soul Feast
Soul Swarm
Spatial Manipulation
Spear Impact
Spike Shoot
Spiral Strike (Skorvald the Shattered)
Staggering Kick (Moa Battle Form)
Start Tunneling
Steal (Basket Brawl)
Stomp (Mummy Tonic)
Stop Riding (Bloodstone Ascender)
Stop Tunneling
Strike (Cattle Prod)
Strike (Crowbar)
Stunning Strike (Crowbar)
Summon Familiar (bat)
Super Sniffer
Survival Instinct
Tail Lash
Tail Lash (wyvern skill)
Teleport Lunge
Terror Trap
Throw (Egg)
Throw (Elixir Bottle)
Throw (Keg of Ale)
Throw Candy Corn
Throw Contaminant Eradicator
Throw Coral Shard (Coral Shard)
Throw Elbows
Throw Food
Unchained Desolation
Use Soul Binder
Warp (Skorvald the Shattered)
Whack (Makeshift Tendril Smasher)
Wing Buffet
Wing Swipe
Wraith Grasp
Wrap It Up


Type	Item
Consumable	Dispatch Page 02
Consumable	Living World Season 2 Complete Pack
Consumable	Living World Season 3 Complete Pack
Consumable	Living World Season 4 Complete Pack
Consumable	Twisted Essence of Trust
Container	Black Lion Delivery Box (Season 4)
Container	Finisher Choice Box
Recipe sheet	Recipe: Precise Pistol Forging Tools
Recipe sheet	Recipe: Vial of Potent Hylek Poison
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 1
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 2
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 3
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 4
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 5
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 6
Service	Field Tech Turret—Type 7
Service	Live Plague Scarab
Trophy	A Balanced View
Trophy	A Breath of Life
Trophy	A Shade's Blindspot
Trophy	A Soul Resewn
Trophy	Aarda's Pistol
Trophy	Apatia's Axe (story journal)
Trophy	Big Brawl Medal
Trophy	Blame Game
Trophy	Chugger Key
Trophy	Citadel Prison Key
Trophy	Diessa Chalice
Trophy	Durmand Priory Key
Trophy	Duty's Shards
Trophy	Emblem of the Vigil
Trophy	Favor of the Zephyrites
Trophy	First Half of Inheritance Key
Trophy	Floating Grizwhirl
Trophy	Ftokchak's Core
Trophy	Gara's Feather
Trophy	Ghost Growth
Trophy	Ghostbore Musket (trophy)
Trophy	Ghostly Torch
Trophy	Golem Scraps
Trophy	Hekka's Token
Trophy	Human Male Pirate Boots
Trophy	Ikniu's Spear
Trophy	Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Blade
Trophy	Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Sword Blade
Trophy	Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head
Trophy	Inheritance Key
Trophy	Lagula's Skull
Trophy	Larger than Legend
Trophy	Letter of Commendation (story journal)
Trophy	Lion's Arch Banner
Trophy	Low Spirit
Trophy	Meditation Log: Completed Log
Trophy	Memory Lane
Trophy	Modified VAL-A Blueprints
Trophy	Mysterious Amulet
Trophy	Mysterious Amulet Half
Trophy	Nollarr's Hat
Trophy	Prospectus
Trophy	Prospectus (Transatmospheric Converter)
Trophy	Purified Essence of Generosity
Trophy	Purified Essence of Resolve
Trophy	Purified Essence of Trust
Trophy	Romke's Horn (story journal)
Trophy	Scattered Self
Trophy	Shashoo's Pearl
Trophy	Start to Stop
Trophy	Syska's Greatsword
Trophy	Tasty Dried Eel
Trophy	Tasty Dried Shark
Trophy	Transformations
Trophy	Updraft of a Dream
Trophy	Vallus Smokemane's Pardon
Trophy	Warming Up