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Rift Forger

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Rift Forger.png

Rift Forger

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Heart of Thorns
Forsaken Thicket

Before completion: Learn precise control of the magic released into rifts by powerful enemies, allowing you to repair your armor by manipulating ley energy. 

After completion: Repair your armor using ley rifts in places where you've defeated a powerful enemy.

— In-game description


  • Allows reinforcing armor at Ley Rifts.
  • The previous descriptions for the mastery:
    • Before completion: Sometimes, when a powerful entity dies, its magic is released. This can rip the very fabric between our worlds and what's beyond. Those possessing this Mastery can learn to travel through ley rifts scattered throughout the Forsaken Thicket to places where those entities died.
    • After completion: Travel through a ley rift to the places where you've defeated a powerful enemy.


  • This mastery used to be called Rift Traveler and used to be required to use Ley Rifts for travel. It was renamed to Rift Forger with the Daybreak release.