Revered Forgedriver

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Revered Forgedriver


Flame Legion Smoke Shaman.jpg

Model during the dialogue sequence

The Revered Forgedriver is the leader of a slave camp within the Citadel of Flame and was in charge of creating Flame Legion Effigys using the lives of slaves.

After Gaheron Baelfire's death, he took charge of a group of shamans and acolytes and under his orders the Flame Legion kidnapped Crea Irontooth and forced her to enhance a Flame Legion Effigy into the Legendary Searing Effigy; however, he and his shamans were unable to control the effigy, resulting in it going berserk and killing them.



Combat abilities[edit]



The Revered Forgedriver appears with a different character model during the dialogue sequence before the activation of the effigy.