Rescue kidnapped skritt from the Nightmare Court

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Rescue kidnapped skritt from the Nightmare Court

Event maps
Rescue kidnapped skritt from the Nightmare Court.jpg

Rescue kidnapped skritt from the Nightmare Court is a level 16 dynamic event that occurs in Karston Chambers. After the event successfully ends, if you follow the skritt to the entrance of their caverns, the skritt, Lakoon'ta, will sell you an item for a short while.


  • Kill jailers to access gates: x/3
  • Prison gates destroyed: x/3


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 647 Experience.png 90 Karma.png 21 Copper coin
Silver 550 Experience.png 77 Karma.png 18 Copper coin
Bronze 485 Experience.png 68 Karma.png 16 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 16 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





During event
Slave: Dizzy. Much pain. Stop. Yes? Please. Stop.
Veteran Nightmare Jailer: Silence, maggot, or I shall show you my favorite way to cause pain.
Veteran Nightmare Jailer: No mutilations this time. I want this one to have his teeth.
Veteran Nightmare Jailer: You quake with fear, little dreamer. Soon, you will be ready to give us what we desire.
Slave: No. Nothing to give. Please. Stop.
Veteran Nightmare Jailer: Oh, that's not true at all. You have so much suffering to give. So much.
Slave: My head! Ooooh ringing. Where am I?
Slave: Yes! Yes-yes-yes-yes! Now, free! Chatter-chitter in my head. Loud! Safe? Am I safe?
Slave: Oooh, the pain. Trapped. Trapped! Let me out!
Slave: Free! Yes! Friends, where are they? I can hear them. Can I? Head, too full of echoes.
Upon success
Skritt Lobber: What? Yes! Free! In the open. Scurry! Run, watch for danger. We move now.
Nightmare Spellbinder: Let them run! This small victory will make their fear all the sweeter next time.
Back at Skrittsburgh
Skritt Forager: Ah! Bad leafy men? Are they here? Hide? Yes. Hide now.
Squrlookal: Hey! Hey! Why are you running into a bush?
Lakoon'ta: There you are. I see you, yes, in that bush. Talk, speak. Are you ill? Hurt?
Skritt Forager: Bad leaf men, made our heads ring. We hide. Are they gone? Yes? No?
Lakoon'ta: Friends here. Just friends. Yes. Safe now. Come out. Safe.


  • Freed skritt slaves will wait outside their prisons until all three prison gates have been destroyed.