Pumpkin (Lunatic Inquisition)

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The pumpkin is a bundle created when a hanging pumpkin is struck by a boulder. The Pumpkin is mainly used for acquiring the Blunderbuss Rifle.


Mad King's Realm


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Pumpkin Smash.png Pumpkin Smash 10.5½ Smash your pumpkin over your foe's head.


  • To generate the pumpkin, first retrieve a Boulder, then head towards the southwestern part of the Labyrinth. Look up to find the pumpkins. Center one in your view, make sure there is nothing in your way, and use the Boulder's '1' Skill. The Pumpkin will appear on the ground. Action Camera will not aim this correctly.
  • For the next step in creating the Blunderbuss Rifle, see Jack-o'-Lantern (Lunatic Inquisition).