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This property, of text, describes the suffix associated with a Glyph, Rune, or Sigil, excluding the tier (Minor/Major/Superior) part.

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Glyph of Alchemy +Alchemy  +
Glyph of Bounty +Bounty  +
Glyph of Flight +Flight  +
Glyph of Industry +Industry  +
Glyph of Reaping +Reaping  +
Glyph of Volatility +Volatility  +
Glyph of the Crucible +the Crucible  +
Glyph of the Forester +the Forester  +
Glyph of the Herbalist +the Herbalist  +
Glyph of the Leatherworker +the Leatherworker  +
Glyph of the Prospector +the Prospector  +
Glyph of the Scavenger +the Scavenger  +
Glyph of the Tailor +the Tailor  +
Glyph of the Unbound +the Unbound  +
Glyph of the Watchknight +the Watchknight  +
Legendary Rune +endary Rune  +
Legendary Sigil +endary Sigil  +
Major Rune of Altruism +Altruism  +
Major Rune of Balthazar +Balthazar  +
Major Rune of Divinity +Divinity  +
Major Rune of Dwayna +Dwayna  +
Major Rune of Exuberance +Exuberance  +
Major Rune of Grenth +Grenth  +
Major Rune of Hoelbrak +Hoelbrak  +
Major Rune of Infiltration +Infiltration  +