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The Professor is an instructor at the Vehtendi Academy that is teaching cadets false information about Palawa Joko.


Crystal Desert

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Help the students of Vehtendi Academy (80)


When entering a classroom
The professor barely acknowledges you as he continues with his lesson.
Talk end option tango.png Don't mind me.


When entering a classroom
Ahem. Today's agenda-The rise and fall of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan.
Listen up, cadets. There will be a test on this. And not multiple choice!
Today's discussion topic is our mighty Father-King's categorical victory over the feebleminded Elder Dragon Mordremoth.


  • There is a professor standing at the lectern of each classroom at Vehtendi Academy.
  • They all use the same appearance.
  • The only dialogue that can be triggered from this NPC is when entering one of the classrooms.