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This page is for recording the items obtained from Personalized Wintersday Gifts.

To contribute:

  • Record how many Personalized Wintersday Gift you have to start with, and then write down how many of each item you received after opening every bag.
  • Click here to start editing the data entry form.
  • Enter all of your drops.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and press "Submit data".
  • Depending on whether you have an account:
    • Logged in users will have their data submitted automatically.
    • Anonymous users will have to copy the output wikitext and paste it themselves onto this page, then press "Save page".


The table below contains the complete data gathered by users from opening Personalized Wintersday Gifts.

Item Total count Average per bag
Bags opened
Total bags opened 1962 N/A
Tar Removal Tool.png Vial of Linseed Oil 77 0.039
Charged Quartz Crystal.png Charged Quartz Crystal 107 0.055
Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystal 847 0.432
Empyreal Fragment.png Empyreal Fragment 4937 2.516
Snowflake.png Snowflake 5980 3.048
Sealed Package of Snowballs.png Sealed Package of Snowballs 55 0.028
Festive Golem Tonic.png Festive Golem Tonic 113 0.058
Snowman Tonic.png Snowman Tonic 111 0.057
Reindeer Tonic.png Reindeer Tonic 104 0.053
Choir Bell.png Choir Bell 118 0.06
Mug of Eggnog.png Cask-Strength Eggnog 236 0.12
Peppermint Oil.png Peppermint Oil 462 0.235
Tuning Icicle.png Tuning Icicle 471 0.24
Tin of Fruitcake.png Tin of Fruitcake 504 0.257
Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream.png Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream 499 0.254
Tropical Peppermint Cake.png Tropical Peppermint Cake 504 0.257
Peppermint Omnomberry Bar.png Peppermint Omnomberry Bar 428 0.218
Candy Cane.png Candy Cane 1342 0.684
Glass of Buttered Spirits.png Glass of Buttered Spirits 1232 0.628
Cup of Spiced Apple Cider.png Cup of Spiced Apple Cider 1294 0.66
Mug of Eggnog.png Mug of Eggnog 1250 0.637
Empyreal Star.png Empyreal Star 13 0.007
Snow Diamond.png Snow Diamond 35 0.018
Enchanted Smiling Snowball Box.png Enchanted Smiling Snowball Box 0 0
Enchanted Snow Diamond Box.png Enchanted Snow Diamond Box 0 0
Enchanted Snowball Box.png Enchanted Snowball Box 2 0.001
Mini Snowman.png Mini Snowman 0 0
Mini Festive Golem.png Mini Festive Golem 0 0
Mini Infinirarium.png Mini Infinirarium 1 0.001
Mini Toxx.png Mini Toxx 2 0.001
Mini Gift Skritt.png Mini Gift Skritt 3 0.002
Mini Tiny Snowball.png Mini Tiny Snowball 1 0.001
Recipe sheet rare consumable 2.png Recipe: Endless Plush Griffon Tonic 2 0.001
Recipe sheet rare consumable 2.png Recipe: Endless Toy Golem Tonic 0 0
Recipe sheet rare consumable 2.png Recipe: Endless Toy Soldier Tonic 0 0
Recipe sheet rare consumable 2.png Recipe: Endless Toy Ventari Tonic 5 0.003
Recipe sheet rare consumable 2.png Recipe: Endless Princess Doll Tonic 2 0.001
Recipe sheet masterwork consumable 1.png Recipe: Tuning Icicle 2 0.001
Recipe sheet masterwork consumable 1.png Recipe: Tin of Fruitcake 4 0.002
Recipe sheet masterwork consumable 1.png Recipe: Peppermint Oil 3 0.002
Recipe sheet masterwork food.png Recipe: Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream 3 0.002
Recipe sheet masterwork food.png Recipe: Tropical Peppermint Cake 1 0.001
Recipe sheet masterwork food.png Recipe: Peppermint Omnomberry Bar 1 0.001
Wintersday Red Musical Bell Case.png Wintersday Red Musical Bell Case 2 0.001
Memoirs of Captain Greywind.png Book of Festive Beverage Recipes 7 0.004
Mini Ho-Ho-Tron.png Mini Ho-Ho-Tron 8 0.004
Choir Bell.png Unbreakable Choir Bell 4 0.002
Mini Tiny Angry Snowball.png Mini Tiny Angry Snowball 11 0.006
Candy Cane Sword.png Giver's Candy Cane Sword of Concentration 10 0.005
Candy Cane Scepter.png Giver's Candy Cane Scepter of Concentration 11 0.006
Candy Cane Pistol.png Giver's Candy Cane Pistol of Concentration 8 0.004
Candy Cane Dagger.png Giver's Candy Cane Dagger of Concentration 5 0.003
Super Rare
Festive Transom.png Festive Transom 0 0
Toy-Shell Infusion.png Toy-Shell Infusion 0 0
Snow Diamond Infusion.png Snow Diamond Infusion 1 0.001
Winter's Heart Infusion.png Winter's Heart Infusion 0 0
Endless Toymaker's Tonic.png Endless Toymaker's Tonic 0 0
Festively Wrapped Beverage Case.png Festively Wrapped Beverage Case 0 0
Recipe sheet ascended back.png Recipe: Light of Dwayna 1 0.001
Recipe sheet ascended back.png Recipe: Shadow of Grenth 0 0
Ancient Mariner's Oilcloth Bag.png Ancient Mariner's Oilcloth Bag 1 0.001