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The parrot is a limited use item, that acts like a pet. It is only available to players with full sets of Superior Rune of the Privateer applied to their armor. It will be of the same level as the player. Its stats scale roughly in the range of a Ranger's pet and as such can be expected to prevail against common mobs and contribute significant amounts of damage. In the game the parrot is called Tropical Bird.

The parrot appears only while being in combat. There is a 50% chance of the parrot appearing when you receive damage. You can have only one at a time and it dies after a short period. There is a 60 second delay after your parrot is summoned before you can obtain another, and after 60 seconds it dies automatically.

The parrot also has a very large aggro range and, once you are in combat, will constantly fly off to engage nearby enemies. You will often find yourself not healing and unable to map travel.