Orphan's Generous Gift

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Wintersday Gift.png

Orphan's Generous Gift

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to consume.
Double-click to open.
Contains a Wintersday Gift Tree node for your home instance along with a special star item.

— In-game description


For the Children! Festival Collections 5Achievement points
Collect all 6 missing ornaments from chests in Tyria.Find the ornaments that the wicked Grawnk stole from the orphans. Completing this grants you a Wintersday Gift Tree in your home instance!
Unlock Item:Holiday Display Case.png Holiday Display Case
Title: Title icon.png The Magnanimous
Reward:Wintersday Gift.png Orphan's Generous Gift

Small Doll Ornament — "I think our doll's inside a golden chest. I dunno how Grawnk even found a chest like that. Must belong to lazy rich people." —Laine
Sparkling Tinsel Ornament — "Grawnk rhymed about fancy glass and short ones with sass. An asuran chest, maybe?" —Laine
Purple Ball Ornament — "I heard our purple ball's inside a plant. If it's a potato chest, bring us back some to eat?" —Laine
Rocking Horse Ornament — "Our rocking horse is inside a 'knotted chest,' whatever that is. Sounds hard to make without really big hands." —Laine
Gold Ball Ornament — "We were gonna sell the gold ball for food after Wintersday, so Grawnk hid it real good. He said something about corrupted wood and sea smells." —Laine
Green Ball Ornament — "If you know what 'ook-ooh, iron's the clue' means, that's where Grawnk hid our green ball." —Laine
Collected 6 Ornaments 5Achievement points