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Noorima can sometimes be found by the Weathered Gravestones near the Ancestor Tree. She will only appear in the temporal shift following Prevent Brand energy from overwhelming the area.


Crystal Desert


Have you come to pay your respects?
Talk more option tango.png
I have. Can you tell me about these graves?
My ancestors are buried here. Five hundred years ago, they commanded three djinn to battle an army of monsters under this very tree.
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Is that so?
The gods gave them a magical suit of armor that protected its wearer from all harm and gave them power over djinn.
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That's quite the story. Do you know where that armor is now?
You're not the first person to wonder that. My grandfather dug up some of the older graves when he was a young man. Respectfully, of course. To see if the armor was buried here.
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Was it?
Of course not. Magical armor doesn't stay buried. We should have known.
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Thanks for the stories. Take care.