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The Mad King's armor is a level 80 exotic armor set. This armor set was available during Shadow of the Mad King 2012, requiring players to participate in various events to obtain the set pieces.

Before the removal of the Traveler's attribute prefix, it was the only armor in the game with Traveler's stats. Since the September 3, 2013 update the attributes can be changed a single time to an attribute set without Magic Find.


Each armor piece comes with a Superior Rune of the Mad King.


The desired attribute can be selected the first time each item is worn.

Armor pieces[edit]

All of the armor pieces require level 80 to wear.

Armor piece Defense
Seer Mask.png Mad King's Crown 73
Seer Mantle.png Mad King's Shoulders 73
Seer Coat.png Mad King's Overcoat 314
Seer Gloves.png Mad King's Mittens 133
Seer Pants.png Mad King's Britches 194
Seer Boots.png Mad King's Slippers 133
Total defense 920
Armor piece Defense
Sneakthief Mask.png Mad King's Crown 97
Sneakthief Shoulderguards.png Mad King's Shoulders 97
Sneakthief Coat.png Mad King's Overcoat 338
Sneakthief Gloves.png Mad King's Mittens 157
Sneakthief Leggings.png Mad King's Britches 218
Sneakthief Sandals.png Mad King's Slippers 157
Total defense 1064
Armor piece Defense
Scallywag Helm.png Mad King's Crown 121
Scallywag Pauldrons.png Mad King's Shoulders 121
Scallywag Chest.png Mad King's Overcoat 363
Scallywag Gauntlets.png Mad King's Mittens 182
Scallywag Legs.png Mad King's Britches 242
Scallywag Greaves.png Mad King's Slippers 182
Total defense 1211



The skins for these armor sets were re-used from existing exotic/pvp sets: