Legionnaire Broadhackle

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Legionnaire Broadhackle is a wounded soldier resting at Varimhold Outpost.




I can't wait to get back on patrol, just need my head to stop spinning.
Talk more option tango.png You look roughed up, what happened?
We were bringing in supplies when a branded human made a run on the gates. I vaulted off the marmox and took it down. Turns out crystal creatures don't break your fall very well.
Talk end option tango.png I'm sure you'll be back out there in no time.
Dignity Intoxicated while on duty? Shameful!
It's a head wound. Besides, some of my best war stories happened after I'd had a few. Like the time I mistook a sleeping ogre for my bunk. Man, did that make a mess.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck out there.
Talk end option tango.png Feel better.