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Kaineng Fishing Tournament Sign-Up (Yu)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the event organized by Tournament Organizer Yu. For the other event with the same name, see Kaineng Fishing Tournament Sign-Up (Wu).

Kaineng Fishing Tournament Sign-Up

Kaineng Docks
(New Kaineng City)
Event type
Fishing tournament.png Dynamic event
Followed by
Talk more option tango.png New Kaineng Fishing Tournament
Interactive map

Interactive map

Kaineng Fishing Tournament Sign-Up is a a preparation phase for a dynamic fishing event that occurs around Kaineng Docks.


  • A fishing tournament is about to begin! Talk to the event organizer to register!
  • Sign-up window closes in: 2:00




Event start
Tournament Organizer Yu: Welcome, guppy, to my First Annual Fishing Competition. How it is "first" and "annual"?
Tournament Organizer Yu: Ask the Ministry of the Interior! I've been running this tournament for sixty-seven years!
Tournament Organizer Yu: But those bigwigs only just started recognizing it! Some crap about safety protocols. Anyhoo...
Possible idle chat from Tournament Organizer Yu during the event
Tournament Organizer Yu: Any fool can fish for fun, pros fish for glory! Show off your skills-enter my competition!
Tournament Organizer Yu: Fishing tournament: open for entry! Newcomers welcome. Welcome to get their butts handed to them! Ha!
Tournament Organizer Yu: Think you've got what it takes to dethrone me as Fishmaster? Prove it! Sign up for my contest!


  • Signing up will grant Tournament Participant.png Tournament Participant.
  • The different sign-up events will not interfere with each other, the organizers alternate them every 20 minutes. The rotation is interrupted by Fend off the leviathan (even when it has not started yet, but the NPC already has the orange event marker) and Kaineng Blackout meta event, but after 5 minutes the interrupting event concluded, the rotation continues with the interrupted organizer.