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The Authorized Shoutcaster Program is a program in which community shoutcasters are notified of high ranking matches and are invited to enter a match as a live spectator. Because shoutcasters will be watching the matches live, their video streams will be delayed so that it doesn’t impact the results of the match. Authorized shoutcasters are given their own custom arenas to assist them in hosting matches or creating their own shows. ArenaNet is always on the lookout for new shoutcasters. If you’re interested in participating in the program, start shoutcasting, post a link to your live stream on the forums, and ArenaNet will contact you.

List of Authorized Shoutcasters[edit]

This list is subject to change, as casters come and go:


  • Grouch
  • Storm
  • Heurix
  • Olrun
  • Blink Not


  • Jebro (EN)
  • ChroNickGamer (EN)
  • Brunners (EN)
  • Sputti (DE)
  • Blackmoa (DE)
  • FariFariNos (ES)
  • Reihn (ES)
  • Waffle Wrath (FR)
  • Audiogasm (FR)
  • The Laaw

List of Live Streams[edit]





FR (Non-Live):

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