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Ishoonoo is a Quaggan found in the small Quaggan village near Saidra's Haven, west of SS Pinkeens who accept Jellyfish Remains and gives the player Essence of Jellyfish in return.




Boo! Dirty White Mantle try to destroy our home. Didn't work. Quaggans are still here.
(If you have Jellyfish Remains in your inventory)
Talk give option tango.png
I heard quaggans like jellyfish. I brought this for you.
OoOOoo! A treat for quaggan! Goes down so smooth. Now let quaggan return the favor: please, take special quaggan fun drink. If you find more jellies, feel free to bring to quaggan.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!
Talk more option tango.png
I'm glad you're safe. How are things holding up?
Quaggan endeavors to lead other lake quaggans, but threats are everywhere. Friends are scared. Could you help quaggan?
Talk more option tango.png
What can I do?
Defeat ugly White Mantle. Protect quaggans. Any way you can.
Talk end option tango.png
Now that's something I can do. Stay safe, Ishoonoo.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll do my best.
Talk end option tango.png
Stay safe, Ishoonoo.


  • Giving her the Jellyfish remains awards the hidden achievement A Fishy, A Fishy as well as being part of the hidden achievement A Good Use.